26 Mar 2008

We in Utah are lucky. Our legislative bodies have not (yet?) attempted to legislate some of the anti-family practices we’re seeing in other states. But we need to be vigilant and not allow ourselves to peer over the edge of this particular slippery slope.

Government should not meddle in the family. Parental rights are very important to me. The parents and the family as a whole are the best resource we have. They can teach, nurture, encourage, support and develop their children, crafting model citizens who have learned to do the same for their children. When governments start reaching inside of families, it seems inevitable that the impact will be destructive, despite the best of intentions.

Of course, it is still necessary, at times, to protect children from heart-wrenching situations and environments. We must always be careful when stepping in to break up a family and make sure it’s only done when no other reasonable options remain.

You shouldn’t be taxed because a loved one died. The people shouldn’t feel that their government is treating them with utter disdain. Does it feel as though your government says, “We’re very sorry for your loss, but we’re going to take some ridiculous percentage of the estate,” I want to permanently end estate and inheritance taxes.