Nadia Drops a Hint

23 Jan 2008

Tonight, Nadia and I had “sent” Charlotte off to the Temple and the grocery store, so we were the only ones at home. We mostly played together and only watched TV for about an hour; two VeggieTales DVDs.

During the shows, I paused the DVD player and went into the kitchen. Nadia followed and poked around the kitchen for a couple of minutes before leaving for the living room. A moment later, she returned with the remote control for the DVD player, which she held up to me. After I accepted it, she lead as I went back into the living room where I un-paused the show for her. A song started about 5 seconds later and she was dancing happily as I returned to the kitchen to finish what I had been doing.

Subtle, isn’t she?

The remote control was in a place where she would of had to climb up on the couch, then back down to retrieve and deliver it. So it was no small feat for her. She had climbed up and tried to get down from the couch a few times earlier today, falling a couple of times (I caught her, she never got hurt, though she did scare herself). I had “helped” her to turn backwards and scoot her legs over the edge first to learn to safely descend from the couch, which she started doing on her own during the evening when we were alone.

When I told Charlotte this story after Nadia was in bed for the night, she couldn’t stop smiling. It’s amazing how many things she’s putting together so quickly. We have one very smart little girl, here.



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