Sweet Kisses

24 Apr 2008

For the past two evenings, Nadia has laid on my shoulder while rocking just before placing her in her bed for the night. I asked her for a kiss and she has obliged by sitting up, looking right at me, then beding down to place her lips right on mine.

Her mother, however, is a little frustrated (not really) that she isn’t getting kisses from Nadia when asking for them. Six weeks ago, when Nadia first started kissing us on the lips regularly and of her own volition, it was Mom who would get the kisses and Dad who was left, “out in the cold.”

Another reason this is particularly nice, is that Nadia has been sick for the past few days. This is partly because about 5 teeth decided to push in all together, of which, I think 3 are molars. Today was about the worst it’s been for her, too. However, she is still so very sweet and understands that going to bed is a good thing for her. She has points to her bed to let us know she is ready. We still have to rock her completely to sleep for naps, but at night, she willingly falls asleep on her own.