26 Mar 2008

It is important that the people have reliable infrastructure for society to function and grow. Roads are one type of important infrastructure. Water, sewer and electrical service are others that are quite often recognized. Fire, police and ambulatory services are also very important parts of our infrastructure.

One type of infrastruture upon which all of the rest now depend is telecommunications. The 100+ year old model of a government regulated monopoly no longer works in this day and age and is no longer necessary. The technologies have advanced beyond the point where this model made sense.

Our government needs to cease actions that protect these ancient, 19th and 20th century monopolies. There are better ways.

We in Utah are developing a problem with overcrowded roads. We’re not yet at the point where it will be a crisis. There are many other states whose cities are far worse off than we. Still, that’s no excuse to wait until the need is upon us. We must be proactive and find solutions to these looming infrastructure issues.

Road congestion could be eased considerably if there were other good resources to permit large business to locate some of their large facilities in less crowded areas. We are building a new road and the new commuter rail (long overdue) is ever closer to opening up service.

The UTA public transportation system was, 10 years ago, a system to be envied. It was convenient, efficient, affordable and safe. Since the introduction of light-rail, which was, and remains, a good idea despite it’s poor execution, UTA has all but completely destroyed it’s once good name. Costs have soared and services dwindled.

Telecommunications infrastructure is of critical importance to society, today. Not only because so many other infrastructure systems rely upon it, but also because businesses and individuals need fast, affordable, reliable access to local and global information. The UTOPIA Community MetroNet is an example of how we can properly provide such infrastructure.