When maildrop Fills a Log File

30 Apr 2008

I hadn’t bothered looking at my personal email accounts since last Saturday. This evening, I was surprised to see that it looked like I wasn’t receiving emails for my OpenBrainstem or lamontpeterson.org addresses. The last messages had come in sometime late Sunday morning.

First thing I did was to log into the mail server via SSH and run:

# mailq | grep '^[0-9A-F]' | wc -l

Well, that’s a wee bit of email. So I tried running this command (sorry, I didn’t capture that whole output):

# mailq | head
. . . output omitted . . .

The message I saw over and over again showed “(temporary failure. Command output: maildrop: signal 0x19)“. A quick Google search and the first link told me what I needed to know; when the log file that maildrop is writing into reaches over 50 million bytes (not 50MB, but 50MiB), it stops processing requests. Though the link Google found for me indicated a setup with one central log file, I’ve discovered that the same thing happens when you have per user log files, like I do. This line from my /etc/maildroprc file shows what I mean:

logfile "$HOME/mail/.maildrop.log"

So, I fixed it by truncating (or, in other words, emptying) my own user’s log file. Of course, I first checked to make sure that it was the culprit:

# ls -l ~lamontp/mail/.maildrop.log
-rw-------  1 lamontp lamontp 714630 Apr 30 20:37 /home/lamontp/mail/.maildrop.log
# >~lamontp/mail/.maildroprc

Sweet Kisses

24 Apr 2008

For the past two evenings, Nadia has laid on my shoulder while rocking just before placing her in her bed for the night. I asked her for a kiss and she has obliged by sitting up, looking right at me, then beding down to place her lips right on mine.

Her mother, however, is a little frustrated (not really) that she isn’t getting kisses from Nadia when asking for them. Six weeks ago, when Nadia first started kissing us on the lips regularly and of her own volition, it was Mom who would get the kisses and Dad who was left, “out in the cold.”

Another reason this is particularly nice, is that Nadia has been sick for the past few days. This is partly because about 5 teeth decided to push in all together, of which, I think 3 are molars. Today was about the worst it’s been for her, too. However, she is still so very sweet and understands that going to bed is a good thing for her. She has points to her bed to let us know she is ready. We still have to rock her completely to sleep for naps, but at night, she willingly falls asleep on her own.

Davis County Convention

12 Apr 2008

The 2008 Davis County Republican Party Convention is over. Of the eight candidates (including myself) who were running for the Senate District 23 seat, only two remain, and will face each other in a primary election. Those two cadidates are Dan Liljenquist and Ronald Mortensen. You read that right, I’m out of the race.

It was a lot of fun for me. I regret that there was so little time (merely 17 days) between the caucauses and the convention. This made it nigh on impossible to speak with the bulk of the 270+ delegates who voted in my race. It didn’t help that I fell ill and lost a little over a week’s worth of working time to it. Several friends were trying to put together “Meet the Candidate” events for the delegates in their areas, but with so many people getting sick and everyones’ busy lives, they were never able to get things together.

I met many good people, made associations that I will treasure for years to come and thouroughly enjoyed talking with people about a wide variety of issues.

One question that many have asked me, of course, is, “When and where will you run again?” The answer is that I will probably run again. Exactly where and when I do not, yet, know. I learned a lot from this first experience and will, hopefully, be able to better prepare for a future race.

It was certainly a worthwhile experience. Many, many people have expressed their appreciate for my speeches and discussions. I know that even though I am no longer in the running, that I had a profound effect on the race and on a great many persons’ viewpoints. That is a very rewarding and humbling feeling for me. I am very grateful to all those who have supported my effort.